Based in Dallas, Texas, with additional offices in Chicago, Scottsdale, Freehold (NJ), and Columbus (OH), Community Direct Dx is a member of the Community Family of Companies (“Community”). Community was originally founded in 2015 under the name Element and was rebranded in 2019 to reflect our work in the community hospital markets.

The original Community entity provides community hospitals with the non-clinical infrastructure needed to effectively manage hospital outpatient laboratory community outreach programs. CHCP provides infrastructure services that include Provider Data Analytics, Hospital Lab and Physician Supply Chain Management, Provider & Patient Customer Service, Revenue Cycle Management, Hospital Marketing, EMR/LIS Connectivity, and Provider Marketing. Community has performed full-service management for over 10 hospitals in 7 States, as well as consulting services to over 45 hospitals since its inception.

Support entity to Community that provides the data connectivity technology (eCare) and laboratory analytics for clients.

Founded in 2019 with a focus on bringing esoteric diagnostic testing to the hospital markets and managing the workflow between hospitals, physicians, laboratories, and patients. CP clients include hospitals, independent clinical labs, and State Government. Services brought to market by CP include Aditxt Score, QuikSal, GenaBio, and Blue Genes. CP’s current validation pipeline includes an oral toxicology technology, an early detection nano-tech based cancer test, and an early detection assay for pre-term births and preeclampsia.

founded in 2021, specializes in bringing novel molecular and genetic assays to market on behalf of R&D laboratories & new healthech founders. CDx’s core directive is discovering new molecular assays, independently validating those assays, and developing a “go-to-market” strategy for those assays post validation. Since being founded, CDx has successfully engaged State Government contracts, Independent Clinical laboratories, R&D facilities, and 2 International Governments.

Founded in 2021 as a “bolt-on” to CDx. CDxS primary business is providing laboratory consulting services in the areas of thermal cycling assays, revenue cycle management, molecular and genetic laboratory management/ buildout and clinical validations.

Meet the Team

Steve M. Sorey

Founder of Element Healthcare Partners, Co-founder of Community.

Steve has been involved in healthcare since 1998 originally starting in the reinsurance side of healthcare and healthcare consulting.  Today, he is focused primarily on new healthcare R&D projects and helping clients that have developed novel techniques get to market.

Randy Phelps

Co-founder of Community

Randy has acted as COO of Community since 2017

Mr. Phelps has spent over 25 years providing executive oversight and innovative solutions for unique business models. He has a proven ability to successfully analyze an organization’s critical business requirements, identify deficiencies, opportunities, and develop innovative and cost-effective solutions for enhancing competitiveness, increasing revenues, and profitability. Mr. Phelps has developed business solutions and technology for multiple entities in various industries including financial services, telecom, and healthcare.

In addition to his own companies, Mr. Phelps has held executive positions with many entities including Citigroup, ACS-Xerox, Excel, and BillingTree.

Jeremy Adamic

Co-founder of Community DirectDx

Mr. Adamic possesses 18 years of finance, operational management and consulting experience.

Former healthcare investment banker whose transactions include but are not limited to healthcare network mergers and acquisitions, leveraged recaps, corporate restructuring, senior housing, laboratory, equipment finance, generic drug manufacturing and pharmaceutical venture rounds. Former Managing Partner & Co-Founder ofArcadia Healthcare Solutions (hospital turn-around company) and Synergetic Healthcare Solutions (healthcare products distribution company).

Alaina Vincent

Co-founder of Community DirectDx

Dr. Vincent has spent the last 15 years in both human and veterinary healthcare and laboratory spaces.

Dr Vincent has worked in large scale ISO certified laboratories: emergency, exotic, general medicine, and research (with the CDC). She has worked for the University of Toledo for their medical laboratory science program as a professor and interim program director, laboratory management, and clinical laboratory consulting.

She graduated with her bachelor’s in clinical laboratory science from Bowling Green State University, her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Michigan State University, and is currently finishing her Master of Public Health.