Making the complicated, less complicated

Many providers like the idea of administering PCR diagnostic testing in-office to provide better patient care and create a new revenue stream via PCR reimbursement, but struggle with the cost and complexity of launching in-office testing.

Community Direct Dx is providing a “business in a box” approach which diverts all start up and on-going operational headaches of in-office testing to its management team, while allowing the physician to focus on its traditional practice.

In short, we take the operating and management burden off of the physicians.

Technology Advantage

With the merger of two CDx portfolio technologies, CDx has created a cheaper, faster, on-site laboratory solution vs. current market competitors. CDx’s offering eliminates traditional costly capital expenses and processing times, which enables a more efficient laboratory solution- putting more money into our physicians’ and operators pockets, creating a better user experience.

Maximizing your Physician
Operated Lab

Turn-Key Start-Up and Management

Instruments & Consumables

All relevant PCR instruments and consumables will be provided from our long-term supply chain, saving you time and money.

Assays & Reagents

Our assay portfolio for molecular testing is ideal for a POL environment due to the speed and efficiency of the workflow. Our assays will reduce your testing time and expenses by over 50% relative to leading competitors.

Technical Expertise

CDx can refer an experienced technical expert for placement on site to perform needed experiments and documentation for CLIA approval and compliance. This will also include standard operating procedures, quality control, data compilation and review, and reporting to CLIA.

Workflow Optimization

The technical expert will outline laboratory workflow so that testing can be performed with minimal infrastructure
and staffing.


CDx can provide the CLIA required Laboratory Director and Technical Supervisor (fractional, full time not needed) and we can recruit/staff the molecular tech(s) needed to perform testing.

Ancillary Support

Non-clinical services such as Revenue Cycle Management, Supply Chain, and Specimen Logistics are a core function of Community Healthcare Partners. Our laboratory clients can plug into the existing infrastructure rather than recreating these services.

Faster Lab Results Diagnosis Treatment = Better Patient Care

Sample to Results in < 2.5 Hours

A recent publication by The Wall Street Journal states that physician-based laboratories are now a $2 billion market annually in the US. This growth in physician-based laboratories is being driven by the slow turnaround times and poor service healthcare providers receive from clinical reference labs.  Further, many physicians are beginning to realize the financial benefit these labs receive.

Examples of Practices
Primary care
Urgent Care
Immediate Care

Common Molecular Lab Tests
Respiratory Pathogen (RPP)
Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI)
Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)


Make setting up your new physician office laboratory hassle-free with the help of Breakout Capital, LLC.

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