The science of PCRopsis is performing simultaneous tasks without external sample manipulation.

Robust Sample Lysis

Our reagents lyse viruses and cells without enzymes or harsh detergents, negating the need for traditional “capture & release” approaches.

Disrupt Nucleic Acid Structure

Our reagents disrupt nucleic acid tertiary and quaternary structures to improve target accessibility.

Disassociate Protein

Our reagents remove nucleic acid bound proteins to improve target accessibility.

Stabilize Nucleic Acids

Our reagents minimize the effects of nucleases to minimize loss of target nucleic acids.

Sequester PCR Inhibitors

Our reagents bind to PCR inhibitors to prevent them from interfering with PCR applications.

Next Gen Direct PCR™ - Reagents

PCRopsis ™ Reagent RVD with RVD Enhancer

​Mediates extraction-free PCR / ​RT-qPCR from saliva, urine and swab samples in numerous transport mediums

PCRopsis ™ Reagent RVD-E

​Mediates extraction-free PCR / ​RT-qPCR directly from ​dried swabs ​(no transport medium)

PCRopsis ™ Reagent Buccal

Mediates extraction-free PCR / RT-qPCR directly from ​dried buccal swabs ​(no transport medium)

PCRopsis ™ Reagent RVD-RT + PCRopsis ™ Activator

​Mediates extraction-free PCR / ​RT-qPCR from saliva, urine and swab samples in numerous transport mediums (NO SAMPLE HEATING REQUIRED)

Sample Concentrating Technologies

PCRopsis ™ Concentrator

Concentrate DNA, protein and ​cellular samples ​without equipment

PCRopsis ™ BCS Nano

​Enrich for WBC / nucleated cells ​from whole blood ​without equipment and compatible with automation 

Supporting Technologies

PCRopsis ™ Elution Buffer

​Sample elution buffer that’s proven compatible with PCRopsis ​technologies

PCRopsis ™ Support

Additive used in combination with  PCRopsis ​technologies to improve select applications (e.g., direct PCR from urine samples)

PCRopsis ™ Activator

​Additive used in combination with  PCRopsis ​technology to mediate room temperature Next Gen Direct PCR

PCRopsis ™ Lysis Beads

Coated beads used to facilitate lysis of microorganisms

Sample Collection Technologies

PCRopsis ™ Oral Rinse

Collect and transport oral samples for testing (e.g., viral, bacterial, buccal, toxicology)

PCRopsis ™ Blood Kit

Extraction-Free PCR from Serum and Plasma